Sport Horse Center and Arena Barns, Clinton, TennesseeSport Horse Center Arena is located on Miller Road in Clinton Tennessee. While the facility has been in operation for more than 15 years, it is now under the ownership and management of Stephen and Barbara Mack. Professional management of a facility of this quality enables boarders and lesson students to reach their full potential.

Each horse boarded at Sport Horse Center receives an individualized diet based on the rider’s goals and the horse’s nutritional needs. High quality feeds and hay in appropriate amounts with plenty of fresh water are crucial to horse health. Also critical is outdoor turn out and recreation. Each horse is given as much turn out as possible, either with other compatible horses or individually. Owners who have horses that need training or who are conditioning show horses benefit from the large indoor lighted arena.  Horses here also benefit from our 2 large convenient wash bays with rubber mats and hot and cold water.

Riding lessons are available to all ages and experience levels.  We offer gentle, well trained lesson horses as well as horses who can provide more challenge as riders progress.  Students are encouraged to take lessons on their own horse if they have one.